“Beauty is not everything, Intelligence is not the only thing one must have. A little of beauty and an optimum use of Intelligence transforms mere things into greater ones”. ~ Kai
Transforming the mindset of young people to bring about a new era of development and productivity.
In the Corporate circles, her concerns are all about People (Human Labour). Having the right people with the right skills and competence and matching them to jobs that suit these skills (seeking a perfect fit for any organization) but the people must also have a mindset that causes them to be productive and take the initiative without waiting around for instructions, rules and regulations. Empower people and organisations by bringing together job satisfaction and organizational performance to create a win win situation. Her desire to provide these services has influenced her to study Industrial and Organisational Psychology and also attain training in Organisational Development and People Management.
Her other ambition is to build up an African Continent wide Transformation Agency (KAI Studio) with the vision to Train and Coach young people to finding themselves, harness their talents, skills and abilities and overall have confidence to be leaders with a great mindset concerning work and following their dreams. She wants to be a “Dream enabler” This agency will also engage in peer counselling which aims at encouraging the young people to be achievers, pay attention to their talents and aspire to be more than people perceive or expect them to be.